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Morgue Of Saints – Sleep/Death

Morgue Of Saints - Sleep/Death funeral doom metal and drone doom on Drowning

Three pieces of pure doom metal craftsmanship. Each in their own style but all with the same dark wide sound. Sleep I is martial funeral doom with heroic orchestral parts. Death is hypnotic drone doom metal with emphasis on low end and mid-paced riffing. Sleep II is ritualistic funeral doom metal with a well-balanced build up.

Together they form 40 minutes of highly atmospheric doom for people who like their metal epic, dark and slow.

Sleep/Death is the debut of Morgue Of Saints – one-man project of Elliot C. from Montreal, Canada.

1. Sleep I – 08:17
2. Death – 23:24
3. Sleep II – 08:41


Morgue Of Saints – Sleep/Death.
DROWN13, released May 5th 2013.

Artwork by Morgue Of Saints.

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DOWNLOAD LINK: http://drowning.cc/zip/drown13.zip

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