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November 23, 2015
by Drowning

2hr Tiefenrausch feature on Drowning by Pretty In Noise

Pretty In Noise prettyinnoise.de

The Tiefenrausch show on German music news outlet Pretty In Noise recently did a 2 hour feature exclusively on Drowning, which has now been podcasted.

The feature consists of a nice continuous flow drone & doom metal from the Drowning back catalogue.

Aidan Baker & A-Sun Amissa – Excerpt from Scarpe Sensée
From Scarpe Sensée

Moongazing Hare – Pont Cross Ascendant
From The Sunderland Wreck

SOL – Becoming Black Cloud
From Black Cloud Of Becoming

Outer Nothingness – Lost
From Total Drowning

Morgue Of Saints – Sleep I
From Sleep/Death

Wyrm – A Vulture Brooding Over White Bones
From Paramount

Bitter Tree – Faces Of God
From Promethean Cloud

Omar Garita – Pour Lénina
From Total Drowning

i AM esper – A Sombre Moon Through The Black Myst Part 1
From Total Drowning

Pest Lives – Centipede
From Depriver | Pest Lives Split

Nonsun – Alphomega II: Upwards Blindness
From Sun Blind Me

Outer Gods – Read The Black Book
From Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne

March 10, 2015
by Drowning

Out now: Outer Gods – Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne

Outer Gods – Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne artwork cover by Tobias Holmbeck

The 18th drownload is out now. Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne – A heroic and intense foray into dark occult drone music. Each track blends guitars and field recordings with synths and effects to make a strong case for the end justifying the means in the name of atmosphere and sound pressure. Created by an anonymous occult drone doom metal duo located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Original artwork by Tobias Holmbeck and mastered by Danny Kreutzfeldt.

More info, listen and FREE full-length download at:


February 21, 2015
by Drowning

Soon: Outer Gods on Drowning


Next drownload will be released early next month. It will feature a full length by American drone doom band Outer Gods.

This anonymous Lovecraftian duo makes occult soundscape-based metal with emphasis on extreme darkness and catharsis. Partly by maximized usage of guitars and vocals and partly by the inclusion of samples and technological enhancement of sound pressure.

Outer Gods put out their first demo in 2012 but several releases have been put out since. The duo is located in Atlanta, Georgia and consists of The Wrathe and The Flail. The Wrathe also records solo as Sareth Den.

The title of the forthcoming release is “Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne”. It will be the 18th drownload released by Drowning and feature original artwork by Tobias Holmbeck. It is mastered by Danny Kreutzfeldt.

June 22, 2014
by Drowning

Out now: Bitter Tree – Promethean Cloud

Bitter Tree – Promethean Cloud artwork cover by madeleine patton

The 17th drownload is out now. Promethean Cloud – dark dreamy drone metal with an uplifting and spiritual undercurrent. Oceans of ideas and intricacies blend together with overwhelming waves of sounds, riffs and impressions to form a powerful listening experience for the adventurous drone doom metalist. It is the debut album of the one-man post-doom metal project Bitter Tree, which is operated out of Ottawa, Canada by a young guy called William Patton.

Artwork by Madeleine Patton.

More info, listen and FREE full-length download at:


May 29, 2014
by Drowning

Introducing drone & doom by Bitter Tree

Bitter Tree William Churchill Patton

Early June will see the release of the 17th drownload. It will be a full-length album called Promethean Cloud by the debuting Canadian act Bitter Tree.

Bitter Tree is the acoustic drone and post-doom metal solo project of William Patton – a rather young multi-instrumentalist who operates out of Ottawa. His work with Bitter Tree has a distinct timeless sound to it but is also vibrant, creative and evocative.

The tracks on Promethean Cloud are handpicked from a larger collection of demo material and subsequently mastered by Danny Kreutzfeldt. You can explore most of the demo material on the Bitter Tree SoundCloud profile .

All Drowning releases are free drone & doom metal downloads known as drownloads.