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June 22, 2014
by Drowning

Out now: Bitter Tree – Promethean Cloud

Bitter Tree – Promethean Cloud artwork cover by madeleine patton

The 17th drownload is out now. Promethean Cloud Dark dreamy drone metal with an uplifting and spiritual undercurrent. Oceans of ideas and intricacies blend together with overwhelming waves of sounds, riffs and impressions to form a powerful listening experience for the adventurous drone doom metalist. It is the debut album of the one-man post-doom metal project Bitter Tree, which is operated out of Ottawa, Canada by a young guy called William Patton.

Artwork by Madeleine Patton.

More info, listen and FREE full-length download at:


May 29, 2014
by Drowning

Introducing drone & doom by Bitter Tree

Bitter Tree William Churchill Patton

Early June will see the release of the 17th drownload. It will be a full-length album called Promethean Cloud by the debuting Canadian act Bitter Tree.

Bitter Tree is the acoustic drone and post-doom metal solo project of William Patton – a rather young multi-instrumentalist who operates out of Ottawa. His work with Bitter Tree has a distinct timeless sound to it but is also vibrant, creative and evocative.

The tracks on Promethean Cloud are handpicked from a larger collection of demo material and subsequently mastered by Danny Kreutzfeldt. You can explore most of the demo material on the Bitter Tree SoundCloud profile .

All Drowning releases are free drone & doom metal downloads known as drownloads.

February 27, 2014
by Drowning

Drowning interview on Dreams Of Conciousness

Dreams of conciousness interview with Drowning Danny Kreutzfeldt

An interview with Drowning manager Danny Kreutzfeldt has been done by the “blastbeats meets pop culture”-blog Dreams Of Conciousness.

The questions were actually pretty good, so some effort was put into the answers as well. The interview gives some backgroud info on the motivations for starting and running Drowning, thoughts on online music, future plans as well as some top 5 drone & doom album recommendations from Danny Kreutzfeldt.

Read the Dreams Of Conciousness interview here.

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February 5, 2014
by Drowning

Music video for SOL – As The World Burned

The music video for the heavy gloomy doom metal track As The World Burned by SOL has been released. The track is taken from the full-length album And the mouth of time is open, which is out now as a free download on Drowning.

The music video is made by Emil Brahe of SOL himself simply by treating and editting clips from the 1930 Russian film Zemlya (Earth) by Aleksandr Dovzhenko. The dark archaic otherworldly imagery supplements the intense dystopic music into a mesmerizing and somewhat poetic blend well worth 5 mins and 3 secs of your time.

Apart from being the main creative force behind SOL, Emil Brahe is also an independent film maker, music video director and documentarist. Some of his work is available through Afgrund Film.

Some screenshots from the video for As The World Burned:






Find As The World Burned as a free download along with the rest of the tracks on SOL – And the mouth of time is open.

January 26, 2014
by Drowning

SOL release show in Aarhus

SOL aarhus doom metal backstage denmark

Last night SOL played a concert in Aarhus, which is the home town for both the band and Drowning.

The concert marked the recent release of the album And the mouth of time is open as a drownload here on Drowning.

On stage was: Emil Brahe on vocals. Andreas Hansn on guitar. Lotte Maxild on organ. Peter Borre on bass. Brian Benjamin Hansen on drums.

The concert took place at the concert venue Backstage. Also playing was other local bands Drön, Slowjoint and Burning Zion.