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Wyrm – Paramount

Wyrm - Paramount

Mysterious kraut-doom or droning ambient black metal by Wyrm. Solo project of Bryan Ferguson from Texas and the refined continuation of his previous drone doom project Bring Me The Head Of Orion.

Paramount offers a vast mesmerizing space inhabited by heavy riffs joined in glorious cosmic affirmation.

1. A Vulture Brooding Over White Bones – 08:58

2. Cursed Ground Above Which Even A Murder Will Not Fly – 12:18

3. We Cannot Hear The Stars – 10:14

4. Ouroburous Harpegnathos – 06:53


Wyrm – Paramount. DROWN08, released Nov 28th 2011.
Artwork by Bryan Ferguson.

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DOWNLOAD LINK: http://drowning.cc/zip/drown08.zip

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