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SOL – And the mouth of time is open

SOL - And the mouth of time is open

And the mouth of time is open is highly original crushing esoteric gloom & doom metal. The two first tracks are of a dark intense nature with reed organ hooks, fierce bellowing, crestfallen lyrical content and hammering drums on top of howling guitars and bass amps. The latter part of the album is of a more vast explorative nature with passages of slow funeral doom fluctuating between droning states of esoteric atmospherics and massive bursting riffs.

And so SOL returns after the successful 2011 drownload Black Cloud Of Becoming. SOL is based on the visions of Emil Brahe, who works with different collaborators and instrumentation on each release. And the mouth of time is open features Emil Brahe on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, organ, synth, effects. Trúa of Blóðtrú on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, organ, piano. Andreas Hansn of Singvogel on guitar.



1. As The World Burned – 05:01
2. And The Mouth Of Death Is Open – 07:29
3. Ceremonial Rot – 10:34
4. This Realm Is Free And Remains Eternal – 03:36
5. Hill – 20:34

Total playtime: 47:14

SOL – And the mouth of time is open
DROWN16 – Released December 30th 2013

All tracks written & produced by Emil Brahe
Recorded in Omnipotent Doom Studio 2010 – 2013


Woodcut by Else M. Rasmussen
Artwork by Emil Brahe & Danny Kreutzfeldt


Track 1 & 2 mastered by Danny Kreutzfeldt
Track 3, 4 & 5 mastered by Emil Brahe


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