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Nonsun – Sun Blind Me

Nonsun Sun Blind Me doom metal and drone doom on Drowning. Artwork by Tobias Holmbeck

Dark heavy doom metal with an experimental approach looking equally forwards and backwards. Sun Blind Me starts off with classic melodic doom metal on Rain Have Mercy. After this things delve into the more adventurous direction of ritual doom and drone doom. These two directions are combined through a consistent, introverted and heavy sound influenced by a healthy combination of Tangerine Dream, Earth and Paradise Lost.

This interesting and rewarding work has been pulled off by Nonsun, a two-man act from the developing Ukranian doom metal scene. Alpha on drums. Goatooth on guitar, base and vocals.

Sun Blind Me is co-released as a tape edition by Breathe Plastic.

1. Rain Have Mercy – 11:57
2. Forgotten Is What Never Was – 11:22
3. Alphomega Part I: Sunlit Darkness – 11:12
4. Alphomega Part II: Upward Blindness – 08:06


Nonsun – Sun Blind Me.
DROWN14/BPR07, released September 5th 2013.

Artwork by Tobias Holmbeck

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://drowning.cc/zip/drown14.zip

BUY THE TAPE: http://www.breathe-plastic.org/portfolios/bpr07-nonsun-sun-blind-me/

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