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Moongazing Hare – The Sunderland Wreck

Moongazing Hare - The Sunderland Wreck

Surreal and esoteric drone folk by Moongazing Hare. The solo project of David Folkmann Drost from Fanø, a small Danish island in the Wadden Sea.

Having previously done heart churning ballads as well as brooding neofolk, The Sunderland Wreck shows his drone-based approach to folk music – resulting in crude timeless atmospheres with a dark tactile nature.

1. Swastika Ponies March – 07:38

2. Better All The Time – 16:17

3. Pony Cross Ascendant – 03:50

4. Slowly Fading Birds – 10:18

5. The Body Of Christ – 02:40


Moongazing Hare – The Sunderland Wreck
DROWN09, released Mar 23rd 2012.
Artwork by David Folkmann Drost.

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DOWNLOAD LINK: http://drowning.cc/zip/drown09.zip

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