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Outer Gods – Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne
Outer Gods – Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne

DROWN18, released on March 10th 2015 – A heroic and intense foray into dark occult drone music. Each track blends guitars and field recordings with synths and effects to make a strong case for the end justifying the means in the name of atmosphere and sound pressure…MORE INFO.


Bitter Tree – Promethean Cloud
Bitter Tree – Promethean Cloud

DROWN17, released on June 22nd 2014 – Dark dreamy drone metal with an uplifting and spiritual undercurrent. Drones and riffs are continuously and creatively blended with field recordings, dispersed percussion, various vocals styles and a flamenco guitar…MORE INFO.


SOL - And the mouth of time is open
SOL – And the mouth of time is open

DROWN16, released on Dec 30th 2013 – Album by the highly original Danish doom metal band SOL. Gloomy reed organ atmospherics blending with heavy crushing doom metal and develops into intense esoteric funeral doom…MORE INFO.


nccptr - antipodes
nccptr – Antipodes

DROWN15, released on Oct 7th 2013 – Dark guitar based audio manipulation played out as an intricate form of deconstructed doom metal. Anonymous project by a former figure on the Portugese metal scene… MORE INFO.


Nonsun - Sun Blind Me Dark heavy Ukrainian doom metal. Artwork by Tobias Holmbeck.
Nonsun – Sun Blind Me

DROWN14, released on Sept 5th 2013 – Dark heavy doom metal with an experimental approach and an introverted sound influenced by Tangerine Dream, Earth and Paradise Lost… MORE INFO.


Morgue Of Saints - Sleep/Death Canadian funeral doom metal and drone doom metal
Morgue Of Saints – Sleep/Death

DROWN13, released on May 5th 2013 – Martial ritual funeral doom metal and hypnotic drone doom metal. For people who like their metal epic, dark and slow… MORE INFO.


Aidan Baker & A-Sun Amissa - Scarpe Sensée modern classical drone ambient post-rock
Aidan Baker & A-Sun Amissa – Scarpe Sensée

DROWN12, released on February 27th 2013 – Modern classical drone on viola and three guitars. A bleak tangible atmosphere for both the weary and the restless… MORE INFO.


VA - Total Drowning. Drone doom black metal compilation.
VA – Total Drowning

DROWN11, released on December 4th 2012 – A compilation featuring material not previously released on Drowning. Drone, drone doom, death doom metal, black metal and tender classical minimalism by old and new acts… MORE INFO.


Hunters Pub - Ancient woods drunken hags.
Hunters Pub – Ancient Woods. Drunken Hags.

DROWN10, released September 17th 2012 – Melancholic drone folk, crushing harsh-noise, tainted drones and a massive doom metal riff… MORE INFO.


Moongazing Hare - The Sunderland Wreck. Free neofolk drone folk download album.
Moongazing Hare – The Sunderland Wreck

DROWN09, released March 23rd 2012 – Surreal and esoteric drone folk by the solo project of David Folkmann Drost from Fanø, a small Danish island in the Wadden Sea…. MORE INFO.


Wyrm - Paramount. Free ambient black metal and kraut doom metal album.
Wyrm – Paramount

DROWN08, released November 28th 2011 – Mysterious kraut-doom or droning ambient black metal taking on cosmic proportions. New solo project of Bryan Ferguson from Bring Me The Head Of OrionMORE INFO.


SOL - Black Cloud Of Becoming
SOL – Black Cloud Of Becoming

DROWN07, released June 14th 2011 – A bleak tale of creation and change. A lively combination of reed organ atmospherics, death doom metal and twanging doom in the style of Earth. … MORE INFO.


Depriver | Pest Lives - Split
Depriver | Pest Lives – Split

DROWN06, released January 31st 2011 – Two upfront Indonesian acts meet on this rare transmission from the Southern Hemisphere. Sludgy black metal / Rock solid drone doom… MORE INFO.


Dead Black Arms - Slow Burning Ocean
Dead Black Arms – Slow Burning Ocean

DROWN05, released September 27th 2010 – Meditative raga doom metal. Another strange droning by Dead Black Arms. This time letting strings and drums slowly work their way towards a violently primitive climax…. MORE INFO.


Sick To The Back Teeth - Full-Body Heartache
Sick To The Back Teeth – Full-Body Heartache

DROWN04, released September 27th 2010 – A powerhouse of raw riffs towering between drone doom and pure noise…. MORE INFO.


Nernes/Skagen - Montreal
Nernes/Skagen – Montreal

DROWN03, released January 29th 2010 – A huge black slab of monolithic Norwegian drone doom is unleashed on this half hour of intense speaker torment… MORE INFO.


Dead Black Arms - Kyatess
Dead Black Arms – Kyatess

DROWN02, released November 13th 2009 – Meditative drone doom landscapes from the utmost fringe of the Danish metal scene… MORE INFO.


Wäldchengarten - Black Rabbit
Wäldchengarten – Black Rabbit

DROWN01, released November 13th 2009 – A dark and strangely doom like album by the two brothers in Wäldchengarten – inarguably the most prolific Danish drone act…. MORE INFO.


Drowning is a drone doom metal netlabel releasing free online downloads. Releases are a handfuld of handpicked releases each year within the style frame: Drone, drone metal, doom metal, funeral doom, maybe some black metal, maybe some new sort of heinous sonic exploration.

Drowning is operated as a netlabel, which means all releases are available as free downloads under a Creative Commons License. Releases are known as drownloads.

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