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SOL emil brahe doom metal under sonnesgade 2013

True Jutlandian Doom Metal & Esoteric Drones

Emil Brahe & others – Aarhus, Denmark

SOL is a Danish doom metal band started by Emil Brahe in the early 00’s. He debuted in 2007 on Ván Records with the crushing funeral doom album Let There Be A Massacre and has since released numerous albums in a variety of styles on different labels. Often with a varying cast of collaborators.

While most SOL works have a common denominator in themes of fear, esotericism and destruction, they differ in the form they are presented in: From acoustic drones over dark reed organ atmospherics and occult folk music to the heavy crushing doom metal sound he somehow always returns to and invigorates with his open approach to dark musical expression.



SOL releases on Drowning

SOL – And the mouth of time is open

DROWN16. Released Dec 30th, 2013
Emil Brahe + Trúa & A. K. Hansn


SOL – Black Cloud Of Becoming

DROWN07. Released June 14th, 2011
Emil Brahe + A. Andersen, A. K. Hansn & Mikkel Reher-Langberg


“SOL – Viljen Til Kamp” on
VA – Total Drowning

DROWN11, Released Dec 4th, 2012