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Bitter Tree

Bitter Tree William Churchill Patton

Dark dreamy drone & doom.

William Patton – Ottawa, Canada.


Tale of the Bitter Tree

And the moon said to midnight “Plant the seed and linger on this night, oh blackened one, aye, do not leave me so soon,” and the witching hour did heed, and the Bitter Tree did bloom.

The roots took hold in Ottawa; tended but never tamed by William Patton, since March 2013 they have drunk deep from the Great Canadian Shield. Experimental Post-Doom, Drone with Bow-tar Ambience.

July 2013 saw The Heart of a Great Silence; a venture into the mythic soul of nihilism tempered by the triumphant voice of youth.

Sway with the branches, partake in the crimson fruit and sing with the mourning birds that alight upon the Bitter Tree.

Bitter Tree releases on Drowning

Bitter Tree – Promethean Cloud

DROWN17. Released June 22nd, 2014.