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Drowning is a drone doom label started on Friday the 13th of November 2009 by Danny Kreutzfeldt.The aim is to put out a couple of releases per year within the style frame: Drone, drone metal, doom metal, funeral doom, maybe some black metal, maybe some new sort of heinous sonic exploration.Drowning is operated as a netlabel, which means all releases are available as free downloads under a Creative Commons License.Releases are known as drownloads.

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Contact: info@drowning.cc

Demos: Currently not accepting demos.

dreams of conciousness interview

Dreams Of Conciousness interview 2014

Backgroud info on the motivations for starting and running Drowning, thoughts on online music, future plans as well as some top 5 drone & doom album recommendations.

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Passive/Aggressive feature 2013 (Danish)

About Danny Kreutzfeldt, Drowning and free music

Netlabelism interview

Netlabelism interview 2012

About Drowning and how to run a netlabel

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Introduction and release-overview

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Geiger interview 2011 (Danish)

Biograpchical approach and future plans