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2hr Tiefenrausch feature on Drowning by Pretty In Noise


Pretty In Noise prettyinnoise.de

The Tiefenrausch show on German music news outlet Pretty In Noise recently did a 2 hour feature exclusively on Drowning, which has now been podcasted.

The feature consists of a nice continuous flow drone & doom metal from the Drowning back catalogue.

Aidan Baker & A-Sun Amissa – Excerpt from Scarpe Sensée
From Scarpe Sensée

Moongazing Hare – Pont Cross Ascendant
From The Sunderland Wreck

SOL – Becoming Black Cloud
From Black Cloud Of Becoming

Outer Nothingness – Lost
From Total Drowning

Morgue Of Saints – Sleep I
From Sleep/Death

Wyrm – A Vulture Brooding Over White Bones
From Paramount

Bitter Tree – Faces Of God
From Promethean Cloud

Omar Garita – Pour Lénina
From Total Drowning

i AM esper – A Sombre Moon Through The Black Myst Part 1
From Total Drowning

Pest Lives – Centipede
From Depriver | Pest Lives Split

Nonsun – Alphomega II: Upwards Blindness
From Sun Blind Me

Outer Gods – Read The Black Book
From Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne

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