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Soon: Outer Gods on Drowning



Next drownload will be released early next month. It will feature a full length by American drone doom band Outer Gods.

This anonymous Lovecraftian duo makes occult soundscape-based metal with emphasis on extreme darkness and catharsis. Partly by maximized usage of guitars and vocals and partly by the inclusion of samples and technological enhancement of sound pressure.

Outer Gods put out their first demo in 2012 but several releases have been put out since. The duo is located in Atlanta, Georgia and consists of The Wrathe and The Flail. The Wrathe also records solo as Sareth Den.

The title of the forthcoming release is “Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne”. It will be the 18th drownload released by Drowning and feature original artwork by Tobias Holmbeck. It is mastered by Danny Kreutzfeldt.

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